Sunday, April 10, 2011

new venture

hello people.

in the next few months, life is going to look a little different. i am hoping to go back to school (part time) in the fall. i am also hoping to have a little more say over my schedule, and have more time to pursue things that i'm interested in doing long term.

last week i sent out an email to a few moms in the charlotte area to let them know i will be available for babysitting. right now, my availability will be around my work schedule. i have embeded my calendar so anyone that's interested can see when i'm available. you can email me at to request a time, and i'll get back to you quickly and let you know if it works out, and my rates, etc.

pet-sitting and house-sitting are also options, if anyone needs some help in those ways. so, here's a very basic idea of my current schedule.

feel free to pass my name around to any of your friends.
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