Monday, January 26, 2009

top five foods

if you could eat any food every day for the rest of your life, what would they be?  go.

mine are as follows:

yessssssss.  i want all of you.  every.  day.  
[i had three of the top four for dinner, and i may or may not have baby talked to my plate.]

a typical day

here is what my mornings usually look like 'round these parts.  beulah scoots up beside me, licks my face, and puts her chin directly on my neck until i wake up and take her outside.  so we go do our thing, and sometimes we'll go on a run or a walk,(i've become a little slack on that since i have had a cold).  then come back to a (very) warm upstairs, she gets her food, and i go downstairs and get my raisin bran crunch.  at this point i grab my laptop, climb back under the covers, and enjoy my breakfast while reading all of your blogs.  

i give beu my leftover cereal milk, and that makes her day.  i go down to shower, on my way down i start the coffee, shower, and grab my coffee on the way back up to my room.  get ready, do a little reading, and head down for the day.  

so that's my typical lazy morning, they're about to look a lot different.  

what do your mornings look like?  

Saturday, January 24, 2009

i have to say,

i love bridget jones.  

Thursday, January 22, 2009

really quick

this is pretty silly, and not rocket science, but i tried a little something different with chicken tonight, and i thought it turned out pretty tasty.  i figured i'd share.

i haven't been going to the store very much because it's just been me and the two girls, so i've just been making due with what's in the freezer/pantry.  i knew i had chicken, but didn't know what to do with it.  i decided i wanted to lightly bread it, but wasn't sure how else to season it.  

i just grabbed the first things i saw in the fridge.  okay, really simple:  2 eggs, put in a few spoon fulls of curry paste, and a dollop or two of sour cream.  

season the bread crumbs with some italian seasoning or whatever might float your boat.  

salt and pepper the chicken breasts on both sides, dip in the curry mixture, and dredge through the bread crumbs.  use a dish that keeps the chicken pieces close together, i think that, with the sour cream keeps them from being dry.  

okay, so once they're in the baking dish, i used a piece of munster cheese for each piece of chicken and covered the top.  cover the dish with tin foil, and cook at 350 for 30 minutes.  uncover and cook for 30 more.  though, i actually pulled ours out a little early.  

they ended up having a nice crunch on the outside, and really had the spice from the curry paste.  i served them over a little pile of left over marinara noodles, and i thought they were quite tasty:)  

what are your last minute pantry favorites?



this post is really going to be about as exciting as the past few days have been.  not very.  

i wrote a post yesterday, but decided it smelled a little too much of bitterness, so never published it.  it was mostly funny anecdotes about the girls that are living here right now.  but the funniness may have bordered on mean, so i drafted it.  i will say though, i'm pretty sure they're plotting my demise.  it could be all the LOST watching, but i am convinced that they are indeed, the others.

what else?
  • after months of working with Beu on retrieving, all of a sudden yesterday, she just got it.  
  • still earnestly searching for a job.  at this point, i'm pretty open to taking one anywhere in the general north carolina area.  i really need a job.
  • oscar nominations out today.  

okay, bye!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


in many ways i avoid controversy.  i duck in the shadows when politics becomes the topic of conversation.  i think this has to stem from being so sure of what i believed and where i stood on 'issues' as a kid, as a result of my parents' strong opinions.  i would argue that every issue was black and white (i actually said that), never gray.  and i felt that every question had a logical answer.  

i guess that is part of growing up, getting some perspective on your own set of beliefs, and understanding how small your view of the world is.  

all of this said, no matter who you voted for, or what presidents you have supported or despised in your lifetime, 

today matters.  

"with malice towards none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations."

abraham lincoln
inaugural address, 1865

a little worse for the wear

i am going on day 3 of the flu, or some other sort of bug.  do you remember what it felt like when you were sick as a kid?  just feeling out of it, and having crazy dreams, and not being able to remember what feeling good is like.  

that's where i'm at, and i am hoping to pack up and leave flutown real soon.  i have had a constant red solo cup full of ice cold water to sip on, and have had a steady diet of buttered toast.  i made a pathetic trip to fred meyer this morning, with the hopes that getting out would make me feel better.  i bundled up, complete with a toboggan, and by the time i got home, i was so exhausted i was pretty much done for the day.  like i said, pathetic.  

tomorrow, i'm giving it another go.  one of the girls and i are headed to her neurologist appointment (an aside to jess:  baby doctor?  maternification clinic?).  

okay, happier posts to come later this week:)

Friday, January 16, 2009

right now

right now, i am sitting in our tv room. we all have a tolerate/hate relationship with this room, as it proves to be a dumping ground for sloth-like behavior and week old food (not so lovingly referred to as 'the dungeon'). generally, the only thing that brings me in this room is the dvr. most fridays around lunch i can be found here watching grey's anatomy from the night before. i have a very small number of episodes left to watch while i still live in the same city where it fictitiously takes place. back when grey's anatomy used to be a good show, seattle seemed all coffee-filled and cozy, you know because of all the rain, and i thought people wore chunky sweaters and ate soup 365 days a year.

honestly, my perception of seattle isn't crazy far from that after living in the area for almost a year. though, i will say, puyallup is a long way from seattle. or maybe, more accurately, reality is a long way from primetime drama.

  • our new girl moves from room to room so that she is never sitting in the same room as me. i have to think of it as funny. 
  • one of my favorite bloggers came back to her blog today, after several months of recovery after a plane crash. check NieNie out.
  • i have not showered yet, and am still in my clothes from the run i went on last night.  
  • i am drinking cold coffee.
  • still looking intently for a job.
  • found a cute little duplex in charlotte.  in my price range, in a great neighborhood, now i just need a way to pay for it:)
BAKED update:  jess and i tried out two new recipes from the baked cookbook, they were awesome.  the brownies were the best i've ever tasted.  email me if you want the recipe:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

i just can't help myself

i have been looking since thursday for a few things on youtube.  1.)  brangelina/ryan seacrest snub, i could watch it every hour on the hour.  2.)  a couple of clips from 30 rock from thursday night.  3.)  the biggest loser clip where bob FLIPS out on that lady.  holy crap, put that one on repeat too.

'But, what if I say something stupid? Like order a tall coffee, or talk about my Nintendo Wii?' — Liz, on the hot package known as Peter Dinklage.

but alas, i couldn't really find any of the clips i was looking for, so instead, i am posting the entire episode of 30 rock from last thursday, because it is that funny. 

good day to you.

**update** i found the biggest loser clip. jess, eat your heart out.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

dreams come true!

after reading my post from several days ago, jess went out that night, and attempted to buy me the Baked cookbook. how sweet is that?

they were sold out, so she ordered it on amazon, and it arrived today! thank you nick&jess. so awesome. so my new cookbook is sitting to my left, and now the question is what to make first?

what recipe should i attempt first?
flourless chocolate cake
sweet and salty cake
root beer bundt cake
almond green tea cupcakes free polls

a glimpse

of my dream kitchen

beat up old table

light to go over the dining table

cozy bowls

antique range

i'd never had a decent set of knives until i moved out here, i'm never going back.

a few mismatched patio chairs, for dining table


we have been coveting a food processor around these parts

really simple set of dishes

this is self-explanatory.

what are your favorite websites/stores/flea markets for design ideas?

Monday, January 12, 2009

hope and action

now that you all know i am headed to charlotte, let's chat a little bit.  a lot of things will have to happen before i am able to load up the car, and head out.  right now, i am thinking my dad will take a one way flight out here, and drive back with me, which i think has the potential to be really fun.  and it will give us a chance to try out our navigating skills for when we're on the amazing race (25% kidding).  i'm thinking we can run laps at the rest stops, and make a meal from what you can find at a gas station, wait, i think that's top chef.  whatever, no matter what, it will be an experience, and there is actually no one else on earth that i'd rather drive across the country with me.  

so let's talk about what needs to happen before i move:
  • first priority is to find a job.
  • just as important, make strides to raise support for my transition time.  i could definitely use prayer for this point (without this none of these other things are possible).
  • once i know where i'm working, find an apartment.
  • after finding a place, i will have to gather up some furniture.  i had a ragtag collection of furnishings before i came out here, but they are now scattered to the four corners of the earth, and that is more than okay.  new start.  
  • on the home front, i really don't have a lot to do/pack here.  i only sent out two boxes when i moved here, so hopefully i can make this a very low maintenance packing job.  
  • my car is still in south carolina, under jared's watchful eye.  the current plan is to facilitate finding him a new (used) car out here in washington, driving it out for him, and then switching cars.  
okay, so now you know my list.  in the coming weeks, i will be asking your opinions about apartments, furniture, cars, and many other things.  buckle up, people.  i'm going to need you lurkers to come out of the shadows, and give some opinions.  because it's fun.  

Saturday, January 10, 2009

new year, new city. again.

a few days ago, i told you that i would be making the move back east this coming year.  

let me tell you a little more about this.  right around this time last year, i reconnected with jess, and we emailed about what new beginnings was and their need for a staff assistant.  last january, i was really still in full time recovery mode after leaving remuda about six months prior.  i had been gearing up to start back into life, and was not sure where it would lead.  

after several emails, and a few phone calls i moved out to washington in march.  i was never sure how long i would stay, but was open to this being a 'life move'.  life began here, and as march turned into april, i saw glory born, bonded with the girls, and watched them become moms, i witnessed my two roommates, jimmy and faythe marry in april, and in may, i was apart of my first childbirth experience.  

in months in between then and now, jared and maria came out, nick and jess went home, my parents came out, we had some TOUGH girls, we planned the world's best thanksgiving dinner, and i got to watch elias and glory grow, and i have had the chance to witness 2 of the best parents around.  

this has been the best year of my life.  growing, exciting, life-giving, awkward, enlightening, patience testing, and fun.  

the decision to move on has been hard, and even typing it now, it sort of feels like, "really, you're sure you want to do that?".  but i think my time here was not meant to be long term, and no, i haven't moved mountains in my time here at new beginnings, and yes, there are so many things i could do better.  but my initial email to jess said something like, "i mean, if you just need me to come out and fold some clothes for you, i'll do it."  and i think that is an accurate summation of this year.  i folded some clothes (metaphorically..Lord knows, i don't even fold my own).  

in march of this year, i will be loading up my stuff and my dog, and driving across the country to live in charlotte, north carolina.  another adventure:)

Friday, January 09, 2009

bake yourself a bit of happy.

so. i love to bake. more accurately, i really love finding funky new/rarely healthy recipes. there are SO many great baking blogs that are crazy inspiring, and FUN. i've never been able to bake as much as i have here at new beginnings, because we have huge pantries full of supplies. it's been really fun to experiment and find new recipes from nienie, pioneerwoman, bakerella, and now my new favorite: BAKED.

i really love rustic, simple recipes, and this book is full of those types of recipes. so far, i've only admired the book at barnes and noble, but i hope to buy it soon. i've tried a few of their recipes i've found online, and they're great. also, it turns out that they've just opened their second store in charleston, south carolina. so, carolina friends, you should go! (their flagship store is in brooklyn).

my secret dream is to open a really tiny little bakery, with big chairs, a fireplace, and lots of good books. so until i get an unexpected windfall, it will remain a dream:) but for now, i can pretend in our nice big kitchen:)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

safe and sound.

new beginnings and our whole street is fine!!

after an intense 24 hours, we're back home.  nick, jess, and the kids are spending some more time up north, but will be home later today.  the musicks are back home, and i got the 'go ahead' to come home around 9 this morning.

so after doing some clean up in my little upstairs house, i'm going to shower and take it easy.  

some have asked where our girls were/where they went during all of this.  we only have one right now, who works in seattle during the day, so she just spent the night with a friend up there, and she is safe and dry as well.  

i think just about everyone in our immediate area is okay.  i only saw a small bit of flooding about a 1/2 mile away, so the prayers were answered.

after i blogged jokingly about evacuating yesterday, things escalated pretty quickly.  i talked with jess after seeing a press release from the city of puyallup, and told her it might be more serious than we thought.  at that point, i decided i would stay, and the connollys decided they would stay the night with friends.  the men felt we were all safe, but thought leaving might be a good precautionary choice.  but after an ominous phone call with the fire chief, miles, who had previously been very calm, ran into our house telling us the levee was about to break, and we had to leave now.  it all felt pretty apocalyptic for a minute.  

so, i headed out to find a cheap hotel that would allow pets, and jess waited for nick who was about 5 minutes away.  

so the whole thing happened in a little over an hour, from joking about it to being in a hotel.  the whole thing ended up being precautionary, and our house didn't flood at all, and even our fields are flooded too badly.  the rain stopped early early this morning, and i even caught a glimpse of the sun like 10 minutes ago.  the standing water on our street seems to be slowly backing down as well.  hopefully, we've seen the worst of it, and the river will have some time to go down before the rain starts again!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

what's happening today UPDATE

we were evacuated.  right now beulah and i are in the travelodge suites in auburn.  what an adventure.  

got a nice little stress headache brewing, but everyone is safe, and beulah and i are laying here watching seinfeld, and the connollys are on their way up north.  

prayers for everyone in the flood zone, that they get out safe.  we'll see how long this adventure lasts.  but for now, here are some pictures of the pup and i in our new digs.  

i may be updating this a lot, mostly because i'm going to be BOred.  

what's happening today

i have been home for about a week, and life is back to 'normal' here.  when i was still at home, i looked at the 10 day weather forecast for puyallup, and was slightly depressed looking at nothing but rain.  and the weatherman has delivered, it has not let up even for a second.  let's just say there have been many wet walks with the dog.  many.  even so, it hasn't been as bad as i thought it would be (mood wise).  but, today after all this rain, the river right across the street from us is threatening to overflow, which means it would overflow straight into our house.  our roads are already flooded, and it's impossible to go outside in anything but boots.  

after our staff meeting this morning, i had to take beulah out, and figured the quickest and most effective way to get her some exercise and get her back in, was to throw the ball for her out in our back field (which is, you guessed it, flooded).  all morning we had been noticing the horses acting strangely and rolling around all over the place, and sprinting from one end of the field to the other.  i took beu to a closed off section of the field and we went about our business.  that is until the horses decided to stampede straight through a closed fence, and right into our path.  i think beulah almost passed out seeing crazy bucking horses running straight at her.  

so now, we're back inside, a little more wet, but no worse for the wear.  

i'm praying that we won't be evacuated, because that would suck.  i'd probably be that person that climbs up on their roof and waits out the storm.  

in other news, i am officially moving back to the east coast in the spring.  BUT, more to come on that later:)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Friday, January 02, 2009

oh new year

well dearies, 2009 is here.

i just got back from a long-car-trip-filled vacation back to the east coast.  great trip.  for now though, let's talk about the best discoveries of 2008 (in no particular order):

cutting my own hair:  not fool proof, you can always tell that i cut it myself, but i'm okay with it.  it saves money and i end up liking it better in the long run.

the northwest:  love it.

pregnancy/childbirth:  living with pregnant women is crazy (fun).  after this year, i will consider myself an honorary half pregnant lady.  

rob and big:  i wish this weren't true, but i laugh so hard i almost cry anytime i watch it.  this is a whole 'nother list in itself, what is the most embarrassing tv that i watch and love.  watch THIS.

connolly babies:  love.

jimmy and faythe:  yep.

beulah:  yes, the first couple of months resembled a pee soaked hell, but we're coming around, and she is only a jerk like 2% of the time.  we're all entitled, i suppose.

macbookair:  a new love.

sitting in the luxury box:  i'll never be able to go to another baseball game again.

specialty's cookies:  eat them.  

30 rock:  but only on dvd.  not as funny in one episode installments.  

living with a married couple(s):  enlightening and hilarious.

here's to 2009, may you be full of surprises.  

Thursday, January 01, 2009

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