Saturday, August 14, 2010

another saturday night..

my idea of a perfect night might be different than most.

tonight, me and the other two hogan ladies had some quality target and chipotle time. including picking out sweet baby clothes for winnie. i am powerless against baby girl dresses. and we found her some sweet leggings. (oh i got some awesome purple zipper shoes).

speaking of winnie, here's a recent picture of the coolest babe in town.

and after scarfing down my veggie burrito bowl in record time and dropping the ladies off, i headed to trader joe's for groceries for my all important sunday morning breakfast ritual. mainly i needed half and half for my coffee, but i came home with this:

yikes. and also, really awesome.

i checked my mail and found this:

so after a long week of work, i cracked open one of these, turned on seinfeld, and closed the week out in high style.

happy weekend everyone.
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