Thursday, November 20, 2008

gloomy and cool

on a day like today, where i still have on last night's pajamas [now with the addition of rainboots and a sweater coat], all i want to do is read.  in mere moments, i will head out, in said pajamas, to pick up some coffee, and return to read quietly until a girl's appointment rolls around, then i will return from whence i came and snuggle up, in my weirdo outfit, and do some more reading.

after seeing a few other friends make lists today, i will follow suit and make a list of the best movies to hibernate to (this time of year):

1.  true life confession:  i made a goal to watch 'it's a wonderful life' (at least in part) every day of december last year.  i don't think i quite accomplished it.  though, i will say the time it airs on nbc a few nights before christmas can't be beat.  something more exciting about it coming on tv.

2.  family stone.  i want to have five kids because of that movie. 

3.  finding a good season of tv, whether it's lost or top chef, and getting really into with the fam in between turkey and playing with new gadgets.

4.  a muppet's christmas carol.

5.  ____________________

i'll leave that last one open.  what is your favorite comfy holiday movie?  charlie brown?  white christmas? (oh, yes please).

1 comment:

Julie said...

Oooo, I love The Family Stone! Great choice!

Here's my addition: While You Were Sleeping.

Now ... you BETTER leave a comment on my top 5 books post!!!

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