Thursday, September 10, 2009

still here

okay, the last couple of days have been hard. let's not mince words. but hard in the relative sense. not long term hard, just right now hard.

we've been praying for two things specifically since saturday night.

1. that the rash would not spread to my face. if it gets near your eyes it can have permanent effects on your eyesight.

2. that i caught it early enough to prevent something called post herpetic neuralgia, meaning, if i had let this go unchecked and unmedicated, i could have this pain and burning in my right side permanently.

so far, both prayers are being answered. thank you if you have been praying, and if you haven't known what to pray for, now you do, so i will selfishly ask for more prayers to get through the next 10 or so days with the hope of bypassing either of those complications.

also, you may have surmised that i am definetly out of work until monday, september 21.

this is hard.

my mom has been here until today, and they will return this weekend. she has done everything for me. because a lot of the symptoms of this seem similar to mono (i've never had mono) from what i've heard: basically fatigue and flu like symptoms, with the weirdo nerve issues, which feel something like a mix between a horrible sun burn and being pricked by needles all over my right side (and itching). weird, huh?

the good thing is, i actually feel the best i've felt tonight!! light at the end of the tunnel.

i have made my way through several books and several thousand movies (or so it seems). currently watching Twister. i just can't help myself. I love that movie.

so there's my update. it feels lonely around here. and i have a while to go. but i have faith that there is purpose to this time. when i find out, maybe i'll fill you in.

love to you all, and if you have book or movie suggestions HIT ME WITH 'EM.


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I hope that you feel better with every day that passes and I'm praying for NO permanent problems associated with this!!!

OK, now for movies. Have you seen Secondhand Lions? Big Fish? Those are fun and heartwarming. You could always dance to Chicago (if it doesn't hurt) and I have an ultimate Michael Jackson music video DVD. It would be a great time to learn the thriller dance! :)

For silly humor... Role Models. Raunchy, but funny.

And don't forget about all those classics you loved as a kid. They are so much fun to re-watch. If you have a VCR I have Ducktales and Muppet Babies. Aaaawe yeah :)

Leigh said...

Glad you are feeling better and still praying for you.

For a serious book read Crazy Love, um....and maybe you should read There is No Me Without You, sorry that one was the African Mommy in me but seriously good book.

I am terrible with movies so nothing there but you should rent some seasons of TV shows, Friends from start to finish, The Office for some good laughs, Lost because maybe you will figure out something new, Law and Order because...well....there are millions of them!


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