Tuesday, September 22, 2009

back at it

a friend of mine was saying she writes mental blogs which makes me laugh for several reasons:
  • aren't mental blogs, really just thinking?
  • she hates blogs, but writes them anyway throughout her day..in her head.
  • funny also, because she says that she will recite her mental blogs aloud to her husband at the end of the day, and that they're awesome.
i don't doubt the quality of these mental blogs for a second. the whole thing still makes me laugh. however funny that is to me, i definitely do it too. sometimes while i'm driving (the site of most of my mental blogs), i'll pull out my phone and put a title in the notes on my phone. days later i'll look at it and have no idea what i was thinking about. which is always frustrating because i obviously thought it was awesome enough to scurry around to find my phone and type out a subject. but when i actually have time, i've forgotten the little snippets that i could write a blog around.

i wonder how long it will be (for real) before we can just hit download somewhere and have our thoughts in written form. that sounds crazy and too invasive, but sometimes it'd be nice. the bad would outweigh the good though.

(bad parts: friends' bad haircuts, ugly babies, having a crush..i think at 25, i may be too old to use the term "crush"..not sure?).

here are some things swishing around in my head lately as i'm driving.
  • online dating--i have very specific and strong feelings about this.
  • songs that encapsulate certain experiences in my life.
  • time at remuda, why i don't talk about it much to people i meet now, and how i still have not even BEGUN to process some of the things that happened there.
  • how to live a life where i'm broken-hearted over the sin and pride in my heart, but not living in the dirt wallowing about it either.
  • oh, also the potential business i'm brainstorming with my friend (the mental blogger). this could be something. but i'm not going to jinx it. i'll fill you in when/if we get it going.
so that's it. i just walked the double stroller down to southpark mall, and obviously wore the wrong shoes as i'm looking at a pair of blistered up feet. i went down there because after talking about coffee with everyone this morning, i thought i'd give it a try (after having an incredibly weak stomach while being sick, there are still several things i cannot seem to eat). no dice. which is upsetting for a person such as myself. as weird as it is, i find a tiny portion of my identity in my love and consumption of coffee. not because i think it makes me cool or anything. but because it's cozy, it's sweaters and blankets and rainy days, and that's me. if i were a season i'd be autumn, with heavy blanket and a cup of coffee in my hand with a friend on the way over to talk. and now i've been exiled to the land of hot tea.

that's okay though. i'll survive. and maybe i'll even write one of those mental blogs during the time i save not being at starbucks.

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Kelly H. said...


1. You are a great writer. I love reading your blog, need to put it on my google reader.
2. BOBS-can't wait.
3. You went to Remuda? Girl, we have so much to talk about-you don't even know. Can't wait to hear your story.
4. Love you, glad you are in CLT.

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