Thursday, December 10, 2009

(mostly materialistic) thankful thursday

why, hello there.

can't seem to get into the swing of blogging lately. but thankful thursday is an easy way to jump back in.

i am thankful for:
  • listening to classic disney soundtracks while the twins play and i blog.
  • designspongeonline
  • etsy
  • cardiganempire
  • my new roommate and precious apartment
  • holiday crafts
  • being able to shop for baby clothes for a family member
  • putting some twinkle lights up in said precious apartment
  • my super cheap brown target sweater (pic here)
  • getting to spend all day saturday with laura troutman (pic here)
  • concert/catching up with KCamp tonight
  • opportunity to speak last week at CIU. really thankful to have the chance to speak my story out loud. it was both therapeutic and exciting. maybe i want to speak more often..? weird, huh? i'm not a speaker, but it was really fun.
  • clark's antiques and sleepy poet flea market.
  • two words: TRADER JOE'S
  • this cute desktop background
  • white hydrangeas
sorry these are all super surface-y..? oh well. happy day, everyone.

[elvis presley's 'santa claus is back in town' is maybe my favorite christmas song (competing with otis redding's 'merry christmas baby' and anything by vince guaraldi). this song is not to be confused with 'here comes santa claus'--two very different songs. here's a link to it on iTunes, all i have is the locked version. this song is definitely worth buying. it's sassy.]

1 comment:

Jessi said...

This is my favorite list! Design Sponge and oh, my cardigan empire! But seriously, can we see some more of that baby? Love the target sweater. Hate twinkle lights - I'm classic all the way. TRADER JOES. Most weeks I want to write the CEO a letter and include an Elias drawing with Mater stickers because I'm so thankful for them. White hydrangeas - can you get them in this weather? And a new christmas cd for you - have you seen the new Glen Hansard one? Look it up. "Swell Season - Strict Joy"
and thankful for you.

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