Sunday, March 14, 2010

sunday in the kitchen

shaking things up a bit, and writing on a different day than saturday. well, it's sunday, but at least i'm out of the saturday on the couch habit. right now, i'm making sunday morning breakfast.

i was just thinking that i miss living in a family. it's fun to wake up on a sunday morning and have everyone stumble out in their pajamas and have orange danish rolls from the pillsbury tube. i mean, think about it. as a kid, you get the benefits of family with none of the responsibility. but, i guess, you never realize that when you're a kid. you think the world is ending when your brother is playing video games and you're missing "little house on the prairie". that was just me?

anyway, i just made some eggs, cinnamon raisin whole wheat english muffin, and some coffee. i found an interesting recipe for whole wheat english muffins that i'd like to try. english muffins are fascinating to me. and seem like they might be difficult to get right. okay, so i threw some hummus and cheddar cheese in the eggs, and garlic of course, they're pretty good, but for some reason they came out tasting like fried chicken. odd?

let me tell you something about the garlic. over a month ago, laci and i went down to the farmers market by the airport. i bought an enormous bag of pre-peeled heads of garlic. none of the papery mess but you still get the satisfaction of slamming them to bits before chopping them up. i have been steadily using that garlic in ev-ery-thing. really. it's pathetic. not kidding when i say that i take that bag of garlic with me to people's houses. so weird and embarrassing, but i do. the other night i went down to ally's and we were making grilled cheese and tomato soup, and ally already had all the stuff, but when i stopped by my house, i grabbed that dang garlic hoping we could use it somehow. so, i walk in to ally's house with my pitiful bag of the smelly stuff. ally was confused and beulah was definitely embarrassed and i'm pretty sure she texted one of her friends and said something like, "OMG, you will NOT believe what my mom just did".

all that said, i may have hit my limit with garlic. i never thought that day would come, but here it is. you know it's bad when you're carrying your own garlic from place to place. i need to be cut off.

please know that this used to be in a large grocery sized plastic bag. whittled it down to a ziploc.

have a great week everyone! maybe i'll see you sometime this week on a non-saturday/sunday. did i mention my computer is broken?

it's not you, it's definitely me.


Jessi said...

I put garlic in almost everything these days and I credit you. I buy it prepeeled from tj's and I like it so much more without the paper peel floating around my kitchen floor.

ally said...

it was weird that you wanted to put it on the grilled cheese sandwiches. but i am a little curious as to how that will taste so I guess we can try it.

"my name is lauren and I'm addicted to garlic."

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