Friday, April 09, 2010

i can't not

it's required that i share this recipe with you. funnily enough, jess just posted a maple bacon donut recipe on her blog today. it all started the other day when i finally looked at a baking blog i'd heard a lot about. joy the baker.

she's awesome, and i printed out almost 15 of her recipes.

like a loser, all i could think about was the peanut butter bacon cookies. because, i mean, that's all of my favorite things in ONE cookie. need proof?

this is actually in my kitchen.

and this is the only picture i was able to get of the cookies:

anyway, so make these cookies. [here is the link to joy's recipe]

i made a few adjustments (just because i needed to use what i had in my pantry). it should also be said that this recipe only calls for 5 ingredients (and does not include flour), including the bacon. also, i used turkey bacon, and it seemed to work fine. all we had was reduced fat jiffy PB, and that didn't seem to mess them up too much either. oh, and i didn't have brown sugar, so i just threw some molasses into white granulated and made my own 'brown sugar' which also didn't mess them up horribly. this is one tough cookie (see what i did there?).

happy friday/weekend/bacon cookie cooking!

*please ignore the crazy formatting. blogger had a mind of its own today*


Emily said...

Hey! Thanks for this wonderful insight. I have already shared the wealth with many :) Big hit in Charleston.

Holly said...

Bacon cookies!? Seriously!? I can't decide if that sounds amazing or disgusting. :P

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