Sunday, April 18, 2010


my view at the park

sometimes i fill my life up so much it feels like i'm a prisoner to my schedule. i felt that way last night, and got angry. [excuse me, martha?]. today, i was forced to slow down when i got a little sickish while i was volunteering at church. i came home, cleaned my house, picked some flowers to put on my table. ginny and raechel stopped by and we talked and talked about Jesus, and our hearts, and what we secretly fear.

later, i took beulah on a slow walk down to the park with my iPod loaded with the morning session from judah smith's visit to elevation this week, ironically on 'rest'. i laid in the grass and found so much hope in what i heard.

thanks for giving me a chance to slow down, Lord, and thank you even more for rest only you can give.

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