Monday, June 21, 2010

my year according to my phone

i was looking through the 900 some odd pictures on my phone, and thought we could take a little journey. i don't have a camera, so my ever present phone captures everything. so, let's begin:

this year i

got ready for a wedding

loved this curly-headed nanny babe.

went to chicago.

played in a creek with my pup.

watched my boss run over my car.

dressed nanny kid up in a lobster costume.

got the crazy shingles and was stuck at home for 2 weeks.

made mini-smores with ally. (teddy graham, mini-marshmallow, chocolate chip)

found out we were adding a family member.

moved again..

went to john's on saturdays with lace.


felt shame about how i looked at the grocery store.

made some leisurely breakfasts.

spent a lot of time doing this.

was blessed with a new car.

got nervous while waiting in traffic to see jay-z.

made it into the jay-z concert, and feared for my life.

saw this peach get married.

spent my easter with a few friends.

fell asleep when i had people over for dinner.

got wayyyy too into seeing bon jovi. embarrassed ally.

it was worth it.

loved my city.

got some flowers at work on my bday.

met my niece.

drank coffee by lake norman.

so i think that catches us up.


Faythe Aiken said...

i like this. and i like you. faythe in america in 2 weeks. can you handle it??

ally said...

um...the bon jovi pic in your bathroom is probably my favorite thing in life right now. what a night! :)

staci with an i said...

hi. i keep thinking i'm going to steal this idea, ok? ok. so i probably am, soon. but i'll give you cred :)

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