Monday, June 14, 2010

june '10

i think i'll look back on these early days of my adulthood and laugh. a lot.

like this morning. i have next to no food in my house (until i get paid tomorrow:), so i laid in my bed thinking about what was in my pantry, and what i could create for breakfast out of those items. all i have is flour, oil, baking soda, sugar, bottled lemon juice, and half and half. so i threw them in a bowl and made some muffins. yesterday, i found a bag of no-name unground coffee in my cabinet, and i don't have a coffee grinder, and was not making a trip out just try to find someone who'd grind my coffee at 6am. so, i pulled out my cutting board and my biggest knife and went to town chopping that coffee. there were coffee beans flying everywhere.

but i ended up with a decent, albeit, watery cup of french press and some eatable lemon muffins.

all while checking every dish and nook for mice or evidence of their presence. trying to decide what i would do if i actually came face-to-whiskers with one of them. pretty sure i'd be on top of my dining room table before i could form a coherent thought.

i have been fighting the good fight against these mice for the better part of a month, and..they are winning. like mice: 1,026, lauren: 0. they have outsmarted every trap i've set for them. my mom even convinced me that they will start stealing my jewelry soon (did she mean my $3 urban earrings..?). i even considered getting a cat yesterday just to come in and get the job done, but then my sanity returned, and my resolve to catch these little buggers grew by a million percent. i love animals, but i want these things dead. and when i say that i feel guilty, and i think about the mousekiwitz family:

(we watched 'fievel goes west' approximately 319 times at our house growing up. and that's a conservative estimate.)

anyway, that is my life right now: mice and poverty.

and i don't hate it.


the tofts said...

i don't know you but i feel like i do, and i just love this post. just had to say :)

Ginny Elizabeth said...

lauren, i love you. and i love your life. you are truly inspiring and too funny. props to you for busting up those coffee beans. and girl, i will be right there with you in a few months. i am eating like a chipmunk, stuffing my cheeks with the free food i have been getting while living at home. when i get to charlotte... it'll be lemon muffins for me as well! xo. loveees.

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