Thursday, September 23, 2010


i am writing because i would like to be distracted from my duties for this evening. which include kitchen and bathroom cleaning.

the worst.

i remember not being able to go out as a teenager until i cleaned my room up, so i would really try to get motivated to clean, but would always get distracted by things i found along the way. old notes passed during classes, or movie ticket stubs or whatever it happened to be. oh gosh, old diaries were the best. usually mortifying, always entertaining.


this week has been strange. no way around it. last friday, beulah got into some baking chocolate while i was out, and it was very hard to tell how much she'd eaten, but a couple of ounces can be lethal for her weight range. she ended up throwing some up, and is totally fine now, but sheesh, i thought i was gonna lose my buddy for about 12 hours. and it was awful.

hmmm, work is lovely. mainly because of the ladies i work with. we make coffee together every morning, and really just enjoy each other. my job makes me thankful.

i feel a little like 2010 is slipping through my fingers. things are going to speed up now, and before you know it, it'll be new years. and 2011, etc.

i should change the music and get motivated to finish cleaning.

maybe in a few years i'll stumble on this blog and get distracted, trying to remember 2010.

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