Friday, December 12, 2008

christmas questionnaire

1. Fresh Tree/Fake Tree? i really love fresh trees.  i have great memories of going to mall parking lots, or little stands by the side of the road and picking out a tree as a family.  i remember one year we stopped at sonic on the way home, with the tree coming right up through the center of the minivan. nothing like a foot long cheese coney.

2. Favorite Ornament- that's a hard one when i haven't seen our family ornaments in a while.  any of the really old ones, or the crappy handmade ones.

3. Favorite Christmas Song- merry christmas baby by otis redding.  is it wrong to think a christmas song is a little sexy?  probably.

4. Favorite Tradition- for a long time the three of us kids would try to sleep in the same room on christmas eve.  the older we got, the less fun this became.  i remember one year in particular where i woke up to jared snoring/grinding his teeth, yelled at him, and made him leave the room.  merry christmas.

5. Favorite Gift Ever Received- good question.  i have gotten some good gifts over the years, but i also have to say, i have gotten some humorously bad ones.  but i'll stick with the good, oh, got it, i found our family dog, jake, the day after christmas my junior year of high school.  best gift ever.

6. Favorite Christmas Meal- sometimes we try to spice things up and do christmas hamburgers or christmas lasagna.  maybe i'll try to convince my family to do christmas curry this year?

7. Favorite Christmas Cookie- gingersnaps.  or any cookie from specialty's (please see post below).

8. Favorite Place to be- beside a fire with family.

9. Favorite Memory- i have fun memories of our grandparents coming into town a few days before christmas every year when we were young.  that yearly trip to the airport was so exciting, and it always meant that christmas was really here. 

10. Favorite Christmas Movie- oh wow, too many to name.  i just packed my suitcase full of all my favorites to take home with me.  but, what could outrank watching the booby trap scenes of home alone with my Dad?  you will never hear anyone laugh louder at anything.


Leigh said...

your comment on number 4 just cracked me up. My brother would always get up at like 3AM and crawl in bed with me then around 5 we would wake up and start talking about what we hoped we would get. We did this forever until like 3 years ago and he was just too big and I did not want to wake up at 5 and talk about what I wanted so I told him to leave. My parents actually got mad at me for kicking him out. I mean we were 19 and 16 tradition has to break at some point.

Rachel said...

i still quote home alone with ashley lindsey on a weekly basis. My favorite is home alone to when he falls through the hole and he goes "Wow..what a hole"
if you still want to swap stories when you're in town let me know!

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