Friday, December 05, 2008

i'm coming back, i think.

i was thinking today about why it has been so hard/not fun to write on here anymore.  i think it is because i've psyched myself out.  i used to write much more honestly, and much more..frankly.  mostly because i really knew the five people that would stumble across my page.  but now, i guess i've sort of felt like my parents read this now, people from new beginnings read this, people who don't know me read this and make opinions about who i am.  and so i froze.  

i am going to make an attempt to go back to old ways.  i used to use this as a stream of consciousness dumping ground, and i liked it that way.'s not going to be profound or skilled writing, most likely it will be silly stories about me falling or my dog being silly.  

hopefully, i will thaw.  

one more thing, a favorite clip from a favorite holiday movie:

1 comment:

Julie said...

Here's to thawing! I know what you mean. But hope you'll be inspired to just be yourself.

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