Saturday, December 06, 2008

"small as a wish in a well"

it's a quiet saturday around our house.  the air outside has turned a little colder.  nick and jess have gone to a conference in bellevue.  elias is quietly reading in his crib, and glory is napping.  beulah is down the street running in a field with her best friend, tucker.  more and more, the smell of burning wood is filling up our little world.  every time i walk down our street and around the corner, i take a deep breath and think about the appalachians, and how i can't wait to drive up that last hill to our little cabin.  

last night, i popped some popcorn, and threw a bunch of pillows on the floor, and for every kernel i ate, i threw one over to beulah.  and watched this movie.  

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