Thursday, November 05, 2009

holiday party dresses

around this time of year i like to look for a standby fancy dress to wear to any holiday parties that might come along. so..i thought i'd have a little fun and share some of my favorite options with you. all dresses come from, and shoes from various places. let's begin:

my favorite one thus far:

with these sweet pumps:

with some red lipstick and a little 40's curl in the hair, like this..

continuing on:

this with some dark brown tights, and some shoes like this:

hair in a messy ponytail:

and a little bracelet:

let's see, i'll find one more:

for a really dressy party (all these items from anthropologie)

but dress it down with the shoes? like this?

not totally confident in that exact shoe choice, but some kind boot/bootie.

hair like this:

then a belt of some kind, maybe a cardigan?

or this guy, and then belt over the top?

who knows? this has been fun, i just wasted my little break time doing this, it was really just for my own entertainment.


Milovy said...

The red dress is divine. But I would wear it with the first shoes you listed and pair that first dress with some black booties and a motorcycle jacket. Very rock and roll.

Milovy said...

Whoops I meant booties with the second dress with a motorcycle jacket. Sorry.

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