Tuesday, November 24, 2009

sickies and some holiday ditties

surprise! i get tomorrow off work. this is good news, but it means that today will be a long one. i'll be staying late to help nanny fam get on the road this evening. it's okay though, because it's all worth it so i can sleep in tomorrow and do some cooking (by some, i think i mean all day cooking).

for now, i'll be doing lotttttsss of this:

trying to make one laugh while the other sleeps off a fever, and then rotate:)

i believe this would be called 'skeptical'

got 'em!

and i believe that you probably need a thanksgiving cooking mix, just like i do, so here you are!

photos courtesy of honey and jam
[it's all christmas music..just a warning]


Leigh said...

can I request a menu of your thanksgiving! I know it will be faaaaabulous so i would love to be jealous of it! :)

staci said...

hey your hair looks good, not bad.

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