Friday, January 01, 2010


this is what i am doing right now. it's my last day off and the last day having our little christmas tree up. there's much to be done today, but i have become an expert in doing nothing over the last week. so..i have on my cleaning/organizing motivational movie, you've got mail, but i have managed to sit here the entire movie and not clean OR organize. oh well, i suppose that's what last days off are for.

it's a new year, and since i'm not in school anymore and am no longer on that academic schedule, january really feels like a new beginning instead of the end of christmas break.

starting a new year is a bit daunting, no? but man, so full of hope.

the holidays were sometimes restful, and sometimes..not. but, i'm thankful for the time spent relaxing and not being a nanny. (but i do miss those babes).

anyway, there's a lot i could catch you up on, none of it very titillating (that word makes me uncomfortable), but for now, maybe i'll nap through the rest of you've got mail. so much for this movie motivating me to clean.

hey, i'll see you all back in real life.

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