Tuesday, January 19, 2010

certainly uncertain

do a day, and then repeat. do a week, and then repeat. get off work, have people over, go to bed. i am a creature of habit these days. rise at 5am, bed at 10pm. maybe 11:30pm if something unforseen happens, or if a conversation is especially good.

midnight? let's not get crazy.

it's actually tuesday, but feels like monday because yesterday was mlk day. i was weirded out all day, probably because i have become so intrenched in my ways, and was confused about not being at work on a monday. what a silly thing to waste a day off feeling out of synch.

ally and rocco came down to play yesterday. we went to chantilly park and threw the ball for the dogs, and then stopped by the friendly mart for push pops. it was slightly warm, but the afternoon had the feeling of summer. like we should've gone home and grilled out, and had all my windows open and laid around on lawn chairs on my patio, and spent the night slapping away mosquitoes.

isn't it fun to think about the next season? i love that in a few months, i'll be wishing for cold days piled under blankets, but for now, i look forward to springtime, and what comes with it-- a hogan baby.

a little suggestion:

i love how she talks about food and life, and how the two shape each other.

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