Monday, May 03, 2010

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my big dream

today is my new weekend. mondays, i feel, are soon to be my favorite day of the week. today i am cleaning my house from top to bottom. with a baby soon to be joining us, that means grandparents will be joining me here on bay street. washing sheets, windexing, and cometing every surface. ahhhh, what a good feeling to go into the week with clean clothes and countertops.

i started my new job this week, sometimes i wish there wasn't so much to learn-- all the time. i'm realizing something, my whole life right now feels like a new job. exciting, overwhelming, and a little like i don't know where to stand so i'm not in the way of everyone else doing their job (life) with such clear purpose.

i'm thankful for a learning curve (grace) in life and in work.

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