Sunday, May 09, 2010


so, it's mother's day 2010. yesterday was my 26th birthday. i worked during the day, and met my family at the park by my house. we ate, laid on a blanket and threw the ball for beulah. it was perfect.

i got flowers, and my parents brought some of my grandmother's plates i'd been wanting that are now displayed in my house. i'm washing clothes and sheets and getting ready for visitors. just got off the phone with my mom, and we talked about tomorrow, and how fun it will be next year to celebrate my birthday, mother's day, and ______'s birthday (baby girl hogan) all within a few days.

i figure this little girl's birth is most exciting thing to happen in my life, only second to having my own child/getting married. so much joy, it's paralyzing. jared and maria as dad and mom. christmases with a baby. getting to be her auntie and living in the same city. or when she gets older, making cookies together, and she and beulah being buddies and running around the park together.

when you think about how much joy there is in the birth of a child, it feels too overwhelming. because it is the beginning of everything. every single thing for her. we can tell her stories about today, and yesterday, and how we thought about her, and discussed at length whose eyelashes she'd have.

so, our family is growing, and it will be terrific. i covet your prayers for maria, jared, and baby over the next few days. pictures to come:)

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