Thursday, May 13, 2010

stand on the ol' plateau

i have this new job. it's going well. but i find that when i'm done at 5pm, i can't be around people. this is new to me. my old job was so isolated that i practically ran to every social function i could after work. now, i just want to hide in a cave and watch netflix. i am a true introvert. i have to recharge by myself. so being around people all day long fulfills my complete need for social interaction, and i'm like a depleted battery by the time i get home.

and so i sit quietly and stare straight ahead.

this is an odd shift, and i haven't quite figured it out yet. but really, most nights, i'm a mute. i've talked all day. i have nothing left.

more staring.

i feel like my social reservoir will grow back soon, but i'm just allowing myself this time to retreat. no more 60hr a week job, no more part time weekend job, taking a break from volunteering and leading and going to community groups. take a deep breath, and reassess. really scaling back on my busyness.

in other news, i am officially an auntie. as of monday, may 10, 2010 at 4:31pm, my niece, winnie eloise hogan came bursting onto the scene. we are in love. maria is a beautiful amazing mom already. i want to be like her. jared is doing great, and their little fam is knitting itself together for the times ahead.

when i look at pictures of winnie (a thousand times at work during the day), it is the most bizarre thing. i see jared and my dad, and maria's chin. and certain pictures actually make me gasp, because it's like this deja vu feeling. has anyone else ever felt like that about a baby? like, i know you from..somewhere. you little baby, you.

i know if you follow any of us on twitter, you've seen pictures, but can i interest you in a few more?

me, ri, and beu on my birthday, and two days before winnie's birthday

she's here!



meeting her

and this one..i don't even know what to say.
winnie--2 days old.

that's all for now. oh, i found a sweet dresser on the side of the road last night. i'm gonna try to make it awesome. fyi, picking up furniture off the side of the road is much harder now that i drive a civic. just sayin'.


Amy H. said...

1) Glad you are slooooowing down and resting... more than you were

2) Your mom is gorgeous and you look just like her!!! (I say this from seeing ONE pic of her not even looking at the camera, hah!)

3) Winnie is beaUtiful!!! Congrats Auntie, your life will never be the same :) And that name, oh my goodness, LOVE it!

Leigh said...

Can't believe Miss Winnie is here! I remember you talking about if you thought Jared and Maria were having a girl or a boy just like it was yesterday! She is so beautiful, and so loved. She is going to love her Auntie Lauren like crazy.

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