Sunday, June 22, 2008

buyer's remorse?


i've been avoiding coming over to the dark side for quite a while now.  everyone eventually heads on over to blogspot.  i know it.  you know it.  we all know it. 

i was holding out as long as i could, and i'm still not sold on this whole deal.  i feel like i am cheating on xanga, as it has been the home of my "sullen ramblings" for almost 3 years.  3 incredibly eventful years.  

i also sucked jared into writing on xanga, and have now officially abandoned him.  for greener pastures.  

all of this said, i stuck a link to my old stuff on the sidebar, and am going to try to create a new home here.  

so for now, welcome.  here is a meaningless video.

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