Friday, June 27, 2008

pups and babes

jess got it right when she called our situation "a grand sweep of irony".

as i am notorious for doing, i picked up a dog this week. more specifically a very young little puppy. i have tried to think of how many times i have picked up a dog in the last 10 years, or how many times someone in my family has had a dog just show up at our house. let me just tell you, the number is pretty high. oddly high.

i found our beloved dog, jake, at the gas station right by our house the day after christmas my junior year of high school.

the irony of the situation is that nick and jessi have literally been battling through the last few months on little to no sleep. all the while, i have had zero sleeping hindrances. now glor is sleeping through the night, and i took on crazy baby dog who wants to cry and cuddle all night/go outside to pee all night.

her name is beulah. some of our closest family friends pastored a church called beulah baptist church, and it is the church our family went to when we first moved to columbia when i was five years old. i was baptized there, and have many good memories of falling asleep with my head on my dad's lap during sunday night sermons. plus our little beu looks like she should have an old country dog name, and i think beulah fits the bill.

so on this sunny summer night i am thankful to sweet glory for sleeeeeping. i mean, this is at least as big a deal as graduating high school. or maybe kindergarten. or something. good job little girl!
i am also thankful for crazy biter puppies that curl up to sleep on your feet. and for waking up at 5am to run around in circles kicking elias' red ball in our front yard trying to poop her out so i can get a few more hours of sleep.

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Amy said...

I loooove the pioneer woman's love story. I'm not finished yet. I'm reading little by little, to spread out the joy.

The pup is totally adorable!

I'm going to put a link to your blog on my page because I find yours v. interesting - and I won't have to go around my elbow to get to it. Please let me know if that's not kosher. Good day.

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