Sunday, August 17, 2008

jessi's happy birthday/writing mix

  • the album leaf--twenty-two fourteen
  • beirut--rhineland (heartland)
  • cliff edwards--when you wish upon a star
  • elliott smith--between the bars
  • elmer berstein--boo who?
  • iron&wine--love vigilantes
  • joanna newsom--the book of right-on
  • dances with wolves--score
  • kate havnevik--nowhere warm
  • bill withers--use me
  • my morning jacket--hopefully (acoustic version)
  • patty griffin--long road
  • pete yorn--EZ
  • rogue wave--salesman at the day of the parade
  • rosie thomas--sell all my things
  • sia--day too soon
  • sigur ros--heysatan
  • sun kil moon--exit does not exist
  • pride and prejudice--darcy's letter
  • sara groves--loving a person
just a crazy/hazy/mixed up mix that's fun and will hopefully help give you even more inspiration as your write!  love you very much.  can't wait to bake a cake with you today:)

1 comment:

kellycowan said...

okay here's what i want to do. come down to puyallup with the girls and do nothing except have you and jessi introduce me to new music b/c i don't know anything on there. k???

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