Monday, August 25, 2008

new dreams and other things

just recently jess and kelly (a friend of jess' from charlotte, and a new friend of mine as well) started up a writing group.

one of our assignments was to write about our perfect day. i have tipped, turned and twisted this project a million different ways trying to find a perspective that made sense to me. i still haven't really figured out what a perfect day would look like, and i am fully aware that i am reading way too much into this project, and i think i will end up writing a very literal list of things that would make up a day i could really appreciate.

all of this to say, that this project has gotten me thinking about a possible new dream. my grandparents live in oklahoma. my grandfather is a savvy little business man. and i do mean little, he's about 97 lbs. not really, but maybe. after my time here at new beginnings i would really like to talk to my grandfather and see if he has a little plot of land that he'd want to give me, or even allow me to pay off over time.

i have no idea what the next few years will hold (obviously) but, when i think of having a few acres and building a house just big enough to live a quiet life, it seems really right, and exactly what i want. so i am mulling over these things.

or maybe i'll find an old place like this, and fix it up.

but yeah, i have grand visions of a really simple life. not sure what i would do for a job. maybe i would really just go full steam ahead and grow some veggies and get a potter's wheel, and become an actual gypsy. oh and a few horses, for sure.

when i left remuda last year, i really hoped one day that i'd be able to adopt the horse i had for equine therapy. his name was ernie, and i loved that smelly guy. many times i would almost be late for an appointment because ernie would see me walking down the path and come over to visit.

so, ernie, be warned, i'm comin' for you one of these days.

that's where my thoughts are taking me these days. for now, though, i am going to continue sitting on our deck thinking about what to make for dinner tonight.

love each of you, and maybe go ahead and book your tickets for oklahoma:)


babes.having.babes said...

i love this dream. as long as I can come and lay on your hammock and let the kids play with ernie. and as long as you wear spf. no point in letting your beautiful face get all pioneer-y.

also - i think we should treat this dream like we do our girls futures and start planning it out, making the details. saving the chedda.

Anonymous said...

love you sis. maria and I want to come visit Oklahoma as well. as I am writing this, we are standing in line at the rocking roller coaster. just thought you would appreciate.

Lauren said...

i love both of these comments.

jess, i will wear spf, and i will only make this dream reality if i get visits from the connollys. lots of hammock time, and maybe even a visit on the night before thanksgiving!

jare, i love that you are at disney world, and i love you.

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