Thursday, October 30, 2008


it seems like the christian world is making a big shift in the way we think and relate within relationships and sexuality.  

everywhere i turn, it seems a new sermon series, or book is based on shaking things up and not thinking as much about 'what not to do' in dating relationships/marriage/single life, but more about what we are called to do.  isn't that the way you were raised?  in youth group?  don't have sex before you get married (along with don't drink or smoke or see rated R movies).  no one is telling/teaching us how to be selfLESS in any stage of life.  but purity is often reduced to a formula for what is 'permissible'.  

along the same lines, i read something a friend of mine wrote on her blog today, and what a challenge it was.  in this age of ridiculously following each other's lives through blogs, facebook, and twitter, it is really easy to make an image for ourselves.  to edit out the ugly and brutal.  this is something that is so easy to do.  i do it all the time.  whether subconsciously, or through much effort, we spin and plot to make ourselves pleasing to the general public.  and for me, i see that as such a seed for so many plants of discontent in my life.  whether it manifests itself physically or mentally is not important.  i think as single women (especially christian women) we can be schemers.  we pursue just shy of what could be called pursuit, we play the pseudo-puppet masters, thinking we're controlling the situation/man.  

my job in life is not to find a husband.  not to edit myself in order to find a husband.  but my job is to be selfless in my pursuit of Jesus.  i pray that one day i can actually live that out to its fullest extent.  and i pray that christian men would be willing to give us the gift of being found by them.  

some challenges:

perry noble

mark driscoll

steven furtick  [look under the visionary love dream sex series]


Jessi said...

again I'll tell you - I wish I'd lived more like you when single - spending my time giving to everyone else and learning as much as I could.

you are an awesome and might single woman and I'm proud of you.

Julie said...

Thanks for the shout out! You are a great writer ... I check your blog daily now. You may also be interested in Lauren Winner's writing. Girl Meets God is my favorite, but her book Real Sex is also thought-provoking.

My friends and I were discussing the other day the lost art of singleness in the church.

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