Tuesday, October 07, 2008

ain't goin nowhere

a song

hello all. sitting in my favorite 'day off' spot. i like that the guys here at forza know my order now. 16 ounce americano in a mug with a carrot cake muffin. usually i come here and watch a sermon from mark or steven or anyone else who might challenge me.

our house is filling up again, the leaves are on fire, and fall is here to stay. as is the rain.

but no rain today. i can see pioneer park out the window of forza, and there are bright school buses passing, and strollers rolling down the sidewalk.

today i am thankful for:
  • little skinny computers that help me keep in contact with sweet friends and family.
  • for brothers who send said skinny computers across the country to their sister.
  • coffee mugs that take two hands to hold
  • books/journals/pens
  • the connollys, i could write entries on each of them, and why i'm thankful for them, but i just love them, and am grateful for them.
  • baking things involving whole wheat, pumpkins, bananas, and everything else autumnal.
  • the fact that it is 12:34pm right now.
  • my parents--their marriage, their unselfish love for each other, and for all three of us.
  • for sweet beu, who sleeps with her little head on my feet every night.
  • the hope of learning more about who God is, and the hope that maybe today i'll make a couple of right choices to become a little less like me, and little bit closer to who He sees me to be.
  • being able to do silly things like buy a new scarf, or a season of 30 rock.
  • our three girls.
  • our fireplace getting turned on for the first time this fall.
  • having cable at our house, and the season finale of project runway.
love you, sorry for not writing more these days.

here's what i was thinking about last year:


Jessi said...

more thankful for you, lo.

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I love incorporating songs into my blog title. I did a cheesy version of it yesterday :) As soon as I saw "aint going nowhere - dirt on my feet" on my rss feed the Byrds version popped into my head and I hoped you meant the song. Love it! Have you heard that version? A little different lyrics. Hope you're doing well!

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