Tuesday, October 28, 2008

overcompensating and stuff

i wouldn't necessarily say that i have had a blog block, but it has been something closely related.

it did not help that i got a slap on the hand from the blogger (as in dot com). apparently, i was reported for posting music. blerg. and now, 'big blogger', if you will, is watching.

my brain is swirly and weird lately. the closer i get to the year mark of being out west, the closer i get to needing to make decisions. is this an entire life change? would moving back east be failure in some way? would it be reverting to old ways? i beg of you, please pray for me. i feel like even more than some of the big life changes in the last few years, the decisions coming up are especially meaningful, and i'm not sure why exactly.

so, as i polish up my resume, and log back in to monster.com, i really covet your prayers.

walking the perimeter of puyallup is always eventful. today, the strangest episode had to be as i was walking past the high school, a large boy hopped off the bus and crossed the street, just as beulah and i were about the cross the street. as soon as he saw us, he froze. panic filled his eyes, and he lurched in the opposite direction and ran screaming straight into an older gentleman.

some other events of the past week include:
  • surprising a group of raccoons on my back deck. i said there were six, but that was probably an exaggeration. i definitely saw two, and heard lots of other rustling in the dark, so i slowly backed back into my room, and slid the door shut. hoping they would disappear. and they did, but i did see one climbing up a tree last night, right before..
  • i fell into a large hole that had been jimmy-rigged with a planter sitting on top of it. my foot broke right through the plastic planter, and my left leg went all the way through. i was shocked for a second, then went about freeing my leg. as i tried to wriggle free, i kept losing my shoe, but trying to get my foot back through the planter and up from the hole, is much harder than you might imagine. in the pitch black dark, with your dog watching you. confused. sporting a nice bruise today.
  • i think that's all i've got.

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