Tuesday, February 02, 2010


a smorgasbord of stuff headed your way:
  1. i need to start baking artisan bread. i've been meaning to do this for months. here is the best recipe (click here).
  2. i would also like to start making granola that will last me for a week of breakfasts. HERE is the best recipe for that.
  3. i've found my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe (for the time being). i add a little sea salt (yummmm). if you want this top secret recipe, you have to ask:) this one's too good to let go so easily.
  4. tonight is LOST party. yeah! if you have a LOST party of your own, or want something quick and easy to make for the super bowl, THIS is my favorite dip and it takes about five minutes start to finish.
the end.

happy lost watching:)

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