Tuesday, February 09, 2010

in the middle

i am at home at 9:54am on a tuesday. i have had the last few days off (the twins are on a trip with their grandma), and i'm thankful for that because my car finally decided to bite the dust yesterday. in the middle of 3rd street during rush hour, with beulah in the car (at least it didn't happen with the twins in the car, thank you Jesus). thinking about attempting life without a car is..interesting. in the grand scheme of life, this is such a tiny problem, i know that. but right now, this feels like an insurmountable mountain of a problem.

can i tell you a secret? in situations like this, when an issue is not life or death, a little part of me gets excited. because in my mind, there seems to be no solution. but God is at work on my behalf. i have to believe that.

gosh, this sounds so over-spiritual, but He has taught me so much through this car thing. trying to be faithful to keep up my car as well as i possibly can has felt like i am investing in nothing, and i have rebelled many times feeling like i shouldn't have to change a tire, or check my oil, or put a new hose on my crank case ventilator (might have gotten the name of that one wrong..). but He is teaching me faithfulness. and He is teaching me to check my pride on what i think i deserve.

so, i'm sitting here on my bed, praying for a solution, His solution. because His ideas are greater, and His provision is better than what i could run around and try to work out on my own.

get excited, because His answer will come. not just about a car, or about a job, but about the big things too. illness or marital problems, death or infertility. His answer is coming for you, too. so we will continue sowing seeds of faithfulness, and wait on His solution.

because how much better is that?

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