Tuesday, February 09, 2010


i cannot sleep. it's now 11:06pm on tuesday. this has been the nuttiest day. i spent the first half of my day praying and walking beulah and getting ready for my parents to come up so we could go look at cars.

i'm writing this now because i don't want to forget anything about today. i received so many texts and emails letting me know that you were praying. thank you.

as my dad and i walked around the lot, my mom brought a salesmen over named butch. he wasn't a swindler, wasn't high pressure, just a good ol' north carolina man. we all talked easily and as the day went on, we all really came to like this butch guy. in between phone calls and financing negotiations he sort of 'accidentally' shared that he and his wife had separated a few months ago, he continued to talk and his voice cracked and he tried to control it, but couldn't. and started to cry right there in his little cubicle.

the three of us sat and listened. i don't think anyone had listened to that man in a long time. as quick as it began, it was over, and we went on about the business of buying a car. we spent about 6 hours at the dealership today, and got to know ol' butch pretty well by the end of things. as we were leaving, he told my parents he'd be sure to take care of me anytime my car needed to be serviced, and that they shouldn't worry. he slipped an envelope in my dad's hand and we all went our separate ways.

my parents called me on the way home, and read me the note that butch had written. he said he believed that Lord had brought us there today, and that he was so thankful for our kindness and willingness to listen to his broken heart.

we walked onto the lot this afternoon needing favor, and he had walked into work this morning needing someone to listen. and the Lord provided for both of us today.


Leigh said...

That just gave me chills. God is so good! He blessed you with what you needed and He blessed Butch with what he needed. I love when God answers the prayers of His people with the other person like this. Only God can make things like that happen!

Jennie said...


Mere said...

This is really sweet. Thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...

Love it!

Charlotte Wedding Photographer - The Schultzes said...

this brought tears to my eyes. goodness gracious.

ally said...

this is really really sweet. God is so awesome. yay for new cars!

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