Tuesday, July 13, 2010


i have these friends, the connollys. any of you that happened to have stumbled upon this blog, probably came by way of jessi connolly's blog. we go way back, you see.

but those are stories for another day, and you probably already know most of the stories. here's what i want to talk about today.

two years ago, when i was living with the connollys in washington, the Lord really made it clear to them that they were supposed to plant a church in boston, massachusetts. i've been able to watch the Lord move to get them there, and i've also seen their hearts grow exponentially for the city. in the last two years, nick has finished seminary, and he and jessi have been figuring out timing for their move.

now is the time.

i will not, and do not pretend that many people read this blog. but i do know there are a couple of you out there, so i need you.

here are immediate needs:
  1. transitional funds for the connollys. while they are getting settled, and accustomed to the city, nick will be working at a local church in boston, and holding down a part time job, while jessi will be home with their 3 kids.
  2. prayers for the connollys logistically. this is a big move for anyone, much less a family with three very young children. prayers for the kids' hearts and that they feel secure and at home no matter where they are. and really, let's be honest, for the endurance of marathon runners for nick and jessi to get through the physical act of moving with three kids.
  3. their hearts for boston. that the Lord would speak to them and give them specific insight into the hearts and minds of the people there, even now.
  4. investors. long term, consistent investors in this ministry.
alright, so here's the thing. we have all read blogs like this, or gotten letters in the mail asking for financial help for different ministries. and aren't we all relieved to see the little box that you can check off to pray for someone instead of sending money? well, that's pretty crappy, huh? in a couple of ways.

prayer is not the passive option.
prayer is active.
so, i challenge you:
stretch yourself
tell others about gospel community
think about who you know who could invest
ask them
invest what you have
big or little
let God surprise you
give Him the chance to

let's be the church.

please tweet or use this as your facebook update:
"Be a catalyst for the gospel in Boston, from wherever you are: gospelcommunity.com"

email me with any questions: lehogan@gmail.com

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Amy H. said...

LOVE it. Doing it.

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