Sunday, July 04, 2010

modine matters

after my nutritious breakfast of chips and guacamole, i turned on 'weeds' this morning, and was surprised to see my old friend matthew modine.

let's rewind. about a year ago, when i was still a nanny, the twins and i were playing outside in their driveway. they were pretty young, and at the age where the slightest breeze will send them tumbling head over heels. they loved to play the game where i would sit on the ground and both of them would run at me full speed. i'd catch them, and then release them to do it again and again. well, that afternoon, as jenna was running at me, she stumbled, tried to brace herself, but slammed her forehead on the concrete. it was a swollen goose egg within a few seconds. we iced it, gave her some baby tylenol, and called the parents. no answer. emailed. no answer.

finally 15 minutes later (30 minutes late to relieve me) the dad showed up and we headed to urgent care. when we arrived, the nurse kept referring to me as 'your wife' when speaking to nanny dad. the doctor only directed questions to me, and the kids refused to let their dad hold them.

oh help.

then after about 20 calls from nanny dad and me, nanny mom calls back, and i can hear her screaming at nanny dad asking why everyone had been calling her. nanny dad, who was/is the world's biggest pushover, manned up, and said, "your daughter is in the ER" and hung up. huzzah!

finally, we are checking out, and i'm herding bryson out the door while holding a banged up baby. i look up, and see matthew modine walking into the urgent care.

we make eye contact.
he compliments me on my beautiful son.
and beautiful family.

i stumble over my words, but before i can respond, he asks my opinion on the balloon boy (remember that?). i have no idea what i said. he and his publicist (or whoever) talk back and forth, mr. modine then pats jenna on the head (as if he's running for office), and continues on his way.

nanny dad and i walk out to the car, he says nothing, and i whisper, "he's famous."

lesson #1: i should've said, "i'm just the nanny, mr. modine"
lesson #2: always care more about inconsequential news stories.

because if i had done either of those, i mean, i'd probably be lauren modine right now, and have a nanny of my own and a bunch of step-kids.


i am charming.


Amy H. said...

first, i loooove weeds. i'm trying to remember who matthew modine's character was... wasn't he a politician of some sort? maybe he was patting the babes head as practice for the roll :)

Kara said...

I love him! He's an 80's star. This story is awesome.

ally said...

i remember you telling me you met him. to this day i STILL have no idea who he is.

Raechel said...

remember the days when you thought the days of being a career nanny would never end? ah how far youve come.

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