Monday, July 12, 2010

dear winns--

little bear, you are nine weeks old today! you and your family are on vacation, so i must write to you to relay my birthday wishes.

just a short year ago, no one even knew you, or even knew you were on your way. isn't that strange?

i don't have much wisdom to impart to you. but, when i think of you, i think of all the magical and special things you have ahead of you. and i mainly just want to protect that little winnie that is in you right now. the unaffected beauty that is so new and straight from Jesus.

yes, that is how i feel, like a protector of your newness.

i think when we get older that newness has a tendency to wear off, which can make us a little hard. i pray you'd always remember what gave you the most joy as a child, and that you'll be able to carry that through life with you. don't ever let anyone take those things from you.

so, as you keep growing i pray that your little mind and heart would know a greater love. you'll see how great the love of your mom and dad and family are. and it will be great. but i think your heart already knows the One that knit you up. hold on to that, you probably know Him more clearly and simply than any of us ever could.

so just hold on.

i love you. and i can't wait to watch your life unfold.

--auntie lo

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