Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I got this new application on my phone that supposedly publishes blogs more easily from your phone. Now, I only get the free applications, so this one sort of sucks. Like the other night it published one I was on the middle of typing. Sheesh.

We just had breakfast, I've started putting all the babies' food on their trays and letting them go for it with their fork or spoon. They're at that really fun place where they do or say something totally new every day. It's sweet.

Anyway, not much in the way of a life update, besides setting off my car alarm for the second morning in a row, and having a dog run at Beu and I this morning as we walked to the car, which then caused poor Beu to pee on my foot. Which all happened WHILE my alarm was going off. Comical.

I'm going to my first community group tonight. Nervous/excited about that. I equally love and hate walking into a situation where you know no one. It feels like I do it a lot, I'm ready to walk on a room and have people know me.

Almost nap time for the babes, and I will be sleeping too, hopefully.

Also, praying for my goddaughter (love saying that) today. Sweet Gloriana is having surgery today to remove the cyst near her eye. Prayers for all the Connollys appreciated. I miss those nuts. And want to watch Happy Feet with E, and have him help me bake something, and wrestle on the floor with Glor (presurgery) and spoil her with whatever her favorite food is (post surgery).

Okay, I'm out.

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Amy said...

I always get that churning feeling in my stomach when I have to go into a room with a group of new people, who already know each other. I totally feel ya there. Thank goodness, it usually works out for the best and I end up making some great friends. Hope you do as well :) I just bought flea and tick drops for my 3 dogs yesterday... holy moly. I love dogs, but this idea of having 3 is becoming quite crazy. Spaying, shots, checkups, flea & tick drops, oh my!

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