Friday, May 01, 2009

under pressure

i blog best when i am in a time crunch, it seems.  like right now for instance, i am quickly approaching the end of the twins' lunch time, and the definite end of their patience with being in their high chairs, which means i have to type and type fast.  

life has been decent this week, sort of an in-between week, hold on, fig newton to tide them over.  it worked..for now.  

yeah, i wish i had more to tell you.  i somehow survived getting no sleep on sunday night (well, 2 hours), and drove straight to work on monday morning.  that whole day i was still running on pure adrenaline, red bull, and explosive anger.  but tuesday the fatigue hit me like a punch to the face (i almost said 'boob', but that's not what a lady would say, so i won't).  

hold on, giving them a wagon wheel snack.  

so this week has flown by, but i will have to post a detailed version of both my trip, and my experience getting home from said trip.  funny how victorious i sounded after my last post, just to be humbled and totally tested like an hour later.  hmm, interesting how that happens.  

okay, the babies are no longer fooled, they know i'm blogging and frankly, they don't like it.  blame them.  

good weekend to you all!

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wight people said...

no lady would ever say "punched in the boob" but they would always say "punched in the face" For sure. I'm so glad you get to spend your days with sweet kids! You are great with them!

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