Friday, May 29, 2009

so quick

where do you even start?  seriously.

okay, so i haven't even really told you guys that i got a second job.  my jobs are absolutely the coolest, but have weirdo hours.  i work the third shift at a dog kennel, and then i work 7am-6pm nannying.  now, i only work at the dog kennel two nights per week, but throw in a drive to savannah this week and next week, and it makes for one crazy lauren hogan.  

this last night i worked coincided with the birth of benjamin haddon connolly.  so in between feeding dogs, and mopping up pee, i would run back and check my phone oh, every 2 and a half minutes.  

it would have felt crazy not being there for the birth no matter where i was, but this really felt odd.  

so i drove back from work a little before 7am on thursday morning, slept for an hour or two, then headed down to savannah with em, to see jared's movie premiere.  i've said it before and i'll say it a thousand times more, he's the most talented person i know.  

about 30 minutes into the program (and with hands shaking and me about to vomit a little), jared's film racked up four awards, including best director and best picture. who is he, you ask?  oh i don't know, just the coolest.  

as a super added bonus to this day trip, my older brother josh flew in on thursday for the festivities (both this week, and the wedding next week).  it was a delight to see him.  love him.  

so after the movie, we headed over to lulu's chocolate bar, drank a little espresso and ate some chocolate covered strawberries for the road, and then back we came to charlotte.  i am back at work this morning, and just squeezed in a nice little nap while the babies were down.  

now it's lunch time, and these buggers have to EAT!  but i'll give you one guess what i'll be doing all day tomorrow?  

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Stephanie said...

Soooo...Lauren Hogan! I just started reading your blog and love it! So fun for Jared too...I hope the wedding next weekend is a blast and I would love to see your face soon! My sister lives in Charlotte so I'm up there a good bit. Where exactly are you living? Love you, friend!

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