Friday, July 24, 2009

another shallow post

i shop online a LOT. window shop. i rarely buy more than one item of clothing at a time, and i can't remember the last time i bought anything that was not on clearance or some kind of crazy sale.

i've been watching some great etsy stores for the last few months, and have had my eye on a couple of things for the late summer/early fall. today, i bit the bullet and purchased the skeleton of my fall wardrobe. wanna see?

wanna know whose style i like the most of anyone right now? my sister-in-law's. maria's eye for clothes is perfect, and i'd copy everything she wore if that weren't weird.

anyway, i'm excited about my two vintage purchases, and all my basics came for forever 21. oh, unfortunately, maria just got a job at anthropologie. it's only unfortunate for our debit cards. fortunate in EVERY.OTHER.WAY. so cute accent clothes, will be coming from there:)

and target, and flea/thrift.

must go! have a great weekend, everyone.

[have i said to look at cupcakesandcashmere yet? you should. interesting.]

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