Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Here's the thing, I never want to write a blog that just blandly states what I do or did on a certain day, that's no fun for anyone. And seeing as my days are rigorously scheduled, my "updates" would look like a study in Stepford Wife-esque behavior.

So, sometimes I've got nothing, most of the time I've got nothing.

Like right now, I can't get the friggin cable to work, and I put the babies down for a nap, and should go down and clean up from breakfast, but nope, I'm sitting here on my phone, talking to you about how I have nothing to say.

I need some spice in my life (as cjane would say). Right now I would even settle for a spicy meal. Anything other than barbeque. (Jared, come get some of that stuff).

I'm in a rut, but not even a bad one, just a comfortable one.

And no, I don't think I need a boyfriend to come pick me up out of my rut, if that's what you were thinking (Jessi:)).

I need to discover some more time in my day, or find more energy somehow to liven things up.

I need to go join the Y, which I've been saying I'm going to do for a month.

I need someone to salvage my hair from the abyss of suckiness, and I need to..

I don't know, join a tribal dance class or something..or maybe I do just need a boyfriend. 

But, guitar players need not apply.


Jessi said...

absolutely - tribal dance.
so when your drum playing boyfriend comes into your life, you can shake your cute little romp around the firepit when his drum circle meets.

and, an ankle bracelet.
put one of those on, and the whole world is different.

Leigh said...

African Tribal Dance then you can teach MG when she gets old enough!

staci said...

what do you have against the guitario? also, join the Y and then we can go together. there are a lot of fun classes that i need a partner to try. (and put me down as a reference when you join so i get a free month ;))

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