Monday, July 20, 2009


over the next couple of weeks, i'll be buying three cookbooks that have been on my list for a while.  here they are:

i am really excited about this one.  i've been making a weekly trip to the farmer's market since i moved here, and there is some produce that i'm just not sure how to use (to its fullest potential), and i'd really like to be able to make meals for the whole week off of what i get there on fridays/saturdays.  

along those same lines, i would like to know how to do some basic jams, sauces, and other things that can be canned for the fall/winter.  

cue this book:

canning is something i know NOTHING about, but would like to learn.  

finally, the most elusive skill:  bread baking.  so hard.  i've never found a truly successful recipe/way of making homemade breads.  but i'm going to give this book a shot:

so that's my latest project.  

[hoping to borrow j&m's camera and document my progress]

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Leigh said...

I am so so very excited about all of this. Dang it I wish we had a good farmers market here in columbia.

Really I am most interested in the breads, duh. I cannot wait to see how it works out! I think being in a professional kitchen to make breads so often has made me scared to death to try it at home without all the fancy shamcy stuff they let us use at school.

Have I mentioned that I am really excited about this?

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