Wednesday, July 08, 2009

let's begin

i don't have much time, as i have to squeeze in a shower during nap #2 today, because i'm going out for social purposes this evening.

let's get down to it.  i recently came to the realization that the majority of men/boys that play the guitar are not nice (read- douche bags).  today i actually googled 'guitar playing douche bags', and this is what came up:

Guitar Douchebag
Guitar Douchbag is the guy who goes to a party and pulls ALL the tail due to his guitar playing “skills.” So say some guy is there and being all charming and telling jokes and is the life of the party, then guitar douchebag comes in and sits down in the corner with his guitar and starts strumming a few notes, then goes into full on song with lyrics. You don’t even really need to know how to play well. You really only need to mix in like 3 chords, you can even make up the song on the spot. The panties will drop faster than the eye can see.I was the life of the party, everyone was loving my jokes, then guitar douchebag came in and stole all the chicks right from under us.

thank you urban dictionary. and sorry about the panty comment.  

i have a modicum of personal experience with guitar players.  one (that i liked at the time) said to me, "now, you have a certain image to uphold if you're dating someone who plays in our band".  yeah, i'll uphold an image.  just maybe not the one you were hoping for.  ooph, i was clueless in my youth.  

in all seriousness, i'm not trying to say that every man-boy that plays a guitar is a jerk.  because i can name several that are not.  but, out of concern for my personal safety, when it comes to matters of the heart, i have decided to steer clear of the skinny jeaned, guitar playing guy in the corner.  

evidence?  but of course:

i believe this speaks for itself?  am i right?

now, here's a question:

how did this, end up with..


it's gotten so bad that you don't even have to be in the rolling stones to be considered a hot commodity.  if you're ugly and in the rolling stones, okay, i guess i get it.  but this?

let's see what his wife looks like:


i believe that i have sufficiently proven my point.  i don't think any of us needs a guy who in the back of his mind always believes he's going to make it big and marry a girl from 'the girls next door'.  right?

i mean, even this guy is pretty convinced:

look at him, he knows.  

thus endeth the guitar player theory.


Leigh said...

you need to blog for a living...this was amazing. and true. and made me laugh so hard. guitar players are not what people make them out to be because they seem to want to be more of the second part of their title than the first...player.

Faythe Aiken said...

disagree with your theory completely. chase those skinny jeans!! yes, let's ichat soon. date/time?

Mere said...

you crack me up!

Milovy said...

This is hysterical. I can say too that I have a bad history with skinny white boys who play guitar. The only ones I now know and love are happily married and/or are family.

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