Thursday, July 23, 2009


listening to blindsided by bon iver right now. [here you go, this song might make you cry] i love them for a sleepy thursday.  [nope, any day].  i'm getting my hair cut tomorrow.  so let's talk through it.  [the rest of this post may be hair related, just a warning].  

here's where i'm at right now:

there's a weird tale on the back, you see it [no, not my foot]?  gotta fix that.  so here is what i'm thinking..

not much different, just a little shape-a-doo.  

except the front will have to be altered some.  here's my what i'm thinking for the front:

deconstructed, messy, razored pieces.  my hair doesn't look good 'neat'.  i love michelle williams' style.  a LOT.  

if you guys could take cues from any celebrity, regardless of face shape/length of hair/impracticality who would it be?  



ally said...

whoa! A blog mention? Me likes. I would love to do my hair like pink or rhianna. Only prob, I don't dress like either of them. Oh well, they ARE famous.

Milovy said...

My celebrity style maven is Nicole Richie for hair when I like it messy and Anna Faris for straight. Both are blonde with bangs.

That was probably more information than you wanted.

Lauren said...

kara..i could talk about this all day. like maybe over coffee, while our dogs play (i still think it can happen:). emailing you now:)

ally, you're awesome, you should rock the side shave like rhianna.

maria said...

okay, okay.. i don't know about the celebrity hair.

but, i just had to tell you that you better get that michelle williams haircut. i love that for you. we better go see harry potter tomorrow and have people stopping us to ask for your autograph.

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