Tuesday, September 02, 2008

wherever you are is warmth and light

iron and wine--peng

i either have way too much to say, or nothing at all. i can't be sure.

i have lots of square pegs, and way too many round holes.

this past week has really been the first time that i've struggled with homesickness since i've been here. it's a good thing that my parents are coming out in a few weeks. i'm really really looking forward to being a little taken care of for a few days. being hugged on by my Dad, and laying my head in my mom's lap and having her play with my hair.

it's amazing that no matter how far you travel, or where you move, you're still you. and growing is still work. basic life stuff isn't fun, but making it to the other side means you get to go another round. there is always the knowledge that the next one will be different, not necessarily better or worse, but different, which gives me to motivation to ready myself for whatever comes next.


on another note, it's just about Fall. yesterday i wore jeans, a turtleneck sweater, and a peacoat. on september 1st. this is a dream realized. when i was younger, i always wished that the beginning of school would herald the beginning of cooler weather, but alas, that was never the plight of south carolinians in september. or october.

to continue on with my Fall lovin', i will now list my favorite things about Fall (or specific things from Falls past)

1. The colors--bold, rich, and comfy. this is one of the reasons i've always wanted to be married in the fall.

2. growing up, the churches we went to, and our family for that matter didn't celebrate halloween, we always had 'harvest parties' or something of the like. two of my favorite memories from throughout the years of these parties:
  • when i was really young, my mom cooked a huge HUGE pot of chili to take to the party. my dad had pulled the family van around behind the church gym, and unbeknownst to me, my mom had placed the enormous vat of chili right by the sliding door. it was almost pitch black behind the church, and here i come, barreling towards the car in the dark, and fell butt first into the chili pit, overalls, pigtails, and all. that ride home was sticky. and smelly.
  • winning first place in the pie contest. it's every 12 year old girls dream to beat out the old church ladies for the blue ribbon!
3. warm soup on a rainy night.

4. the smell of burning wood outside, and the smell from the heater the first night it's cold enough to use it.

5. school supplies.

6. season premieres of my favorite tv shows.

7. pumpkins (pie, frappuccinos, chai tea latte with pumpkin pie spice on top, carving them)

8. being outside with a warm drink in my hands.

9. thinking of fun new things to make for thanksgiving, and going wayy overboard.

10. i really don't like football. at all. but the thought of my brothers and my dad watching football all day on saturdays- that totally equals fall in my mind.

happy fall.

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Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Oooooh, fall is wonderful. I am totally jealous of the weather there. Even here in the NC mountains it's still 85 in the afternoon. Ugh. I am very hot natured and 50 degree weather suits me just fine.

My little pip squeak was born on October 16th which was a perfect day back in 2006. Warm on the ride home from the hospital but chilly at night. The view from my hospital room was AMAZING. Asheville mountains covered with fall colors. It felt so cozy.

PS - 2 of my favorite things are the smell of wood burning outside and new tv shows. Yippee!

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