Tuesday, September 30, 2008


i have had a strange desire to listen to john denver lately.

i know.

i think it's because of the eTV special that my parents watched while they were in town. you know what i'm talking about, one of those documentary-ish things that involve lots of breaks to ask for your money. well, anyway, for some reason i keep thinking of him, and plus there's that new raisin bran commercial that has one of his songs on it. and obviously, when i think of john denver, i end up thinking of the crocodile hunter.

having trouble following my logic here? you probably should. but, the crocodile hunter always reminded me of john denver, and now with both of their untimely deaths, they are definitely filed in the same mental folder.

sunshine on my shoulders (let's not talk about the fact that this song makes me tear up, even in the raisin bran commercial..)

i joined this facebook group where you make a mixtape for someone every month. i'm pretty excited about it. there are about 500 or so members and we get paired up and send each other an old fashioned mixed tape. fun, huh?

also. i need to find friends. ugh.

[oh--p.s: here is the link to nienie's blog. it's a bit confusing because they are just reposting old entries because she is in critical condition in the hospital. and they sort of talk in code on her website, so just to give you an idea of what's what.

stephanie and christian are the parents. stephanie goes by 'nie', and she refers to her husband as 'mr. nielsen'.

she has four children, who are many times called by nicknames. but their real names are claire, jane, oliver, and nicholas. happy reading.]

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