Monday, September 08, 2008

doggie day

well, every day is a doggie day for me these days, but today was an especially fun one. 
right around lunch time every day beulah and i set out for some type of adventure.  it could be a nice long walk all through downtown puyallup, or a trip to the dog park, or even just walking down the street to play with her boyfriend, tucker.  today, the plan was to go to the dog park.  as we made our way down the path to the park, i didn't hear any dogs, so i figured we'd just hike through the numerous trails that surround the park.  

now, you should know, last time i tried this i fell about hmm 200 feet or so down an incredibly steep decline.  poor beulah was much younger, and still connected to her leash when i fell, so she got dragged down with me.  

needless to say, we were both a little hesitant when we started our hike.  
but today was much different and we romped through the woods having no idea where we were going, but just explored, and got a little turned around, and ended up spending almost two hours running around the forest.  it was especially fun because i was able to take beulah off her leash and she stayed right with me the whole time.  

she loved every second.  after getting our bearings and figuring out where we were, we played in the creek for a while, and then headed home.  all in all, there couldn't be a much better day for a dog.  soaked, muddy, and tired.  just the way i love 'em!

love this girl.

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