Tuesday, September 23, 2008

God is my cigarette

it's been a while friends, hope you haven't forgotten about me out here. 

the parents have come and gone, and beulah and i are sitting here watching fashion police. we had the best week ever. it was restful. it was fun. and i was sad to see them go.  

they came all the way out here during their vacation time to do nothing but pamper me.  and beulah.  it was so sweet and selfless.  and i can't wait until christmas!

i have been all wrapped up in a blog lately. i actually posted a link to it (sort of) on my sidebar. an awesome couple from arizona was in a plane crash over a month ago, and survived, but are very badly injured/burned. the wife/mom is a blogger and over the last few days i have read all of her entries (about 3 years worth). i can't quit thinking about that family. the link on my sidebar is to this woman's sister's page who is updating for her while she's in the hospital.  

anyway, starting tomorrow they are having a benefit sale to help cover at least a portion of their hospital bills.  go here.  maybe go buy a little something for yourself, or someone else and you can feel good about where the money is going:)

as i was driving home with one of our girls last night, she was talking about how she has dealt with stress in the past, and how God has changed things, thus the "God is my cigarette" comment.  it's too good to pass up.  really.  


Rachel said...

Yeah lets do lunch when you come home! I'm glad to have a new blog to read :)

Jennie said...

God is my cigarette would make an awesome bumper sticker.

kellycowan said...

okay lauren i am not seeing the site for that family. tell me where to find it! - kel

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