Thursday, September 04, 2008

hellacious and awesome.

i hate to exercise.  i do.  i usually find something i can semi-tolerate and do it for a few weeks and then gladly (gleefully, even) find something else to fill my time, like watching season three of project runway for the nineteenth time in my room.  

but i am here to tell you, something has possessed me this last month or so.  

jess and i went to our first spinning class right around the time they returned from their vacation at the end of july.  i hated it, i mean, i saw Jesus' face, and wanted to kill the lady with the neatly pinned back bangs yelling at us to stay on our bikes.  

jess did amazing and i was seconds away from flying over the handlebars.  it was bad.  those first few times were ugly.  but something happened between the soreness in my behind, and the ricky martin musical accompaniment:  i started to really get into it.  and felt really great during it and after it.  

so, at the risk of failure down the road, i am making my love/hate relationship with spinning public.  

there it is.  

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Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I did spinning for a while. I have a gel seat cover that helps out on the sore butt factor and I will mail it to you, if you don't have one already... maybe it will help you out on your spinning journey. Just let me know. You can ask Jessi, I am all about mailing goodies :)

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