Saturday, September 13, 2008


i am growing weary of blogging.  

almost four years of continuous blogs makes for very little else to share--besides daily events.  


my parents are flying out today.  i haven't seen them in over six months, so i am really looking forward to them coming.  this week while they're here, i definitely won't be spending much time on the computer.  

our house got cable yesterday, and i am currently watching my second episode of million dollar listing on bravo.  really bad show, and yet, i am still engaged.  

alright-- off to hang up some clothes and do some last minute things for my parent's arrival!

also, any suggestions for getting over the blog hump would be appreciated:)

[MiA------paper planes]


Leigh said...

Clicked on your blog from jessi's blog. Totally agree the show sucks but totally sucks you in at the same time. I hate myself all the time while I watch it. There is something about Bravo, no matter how bad the show I can't tear myself away from the TV if it's on. good luck with that and your newly found love/hate for bad Bravo shows

Vibrant Violet said...

yeah, well, i was watching tlc today.

Anonymous said...

I've been blogging a lot lately too so I am also looking for ways to stay interested. I've seen some people do things like "wordless Wednesdays" - a day they post pictures intead of words. I wrote this week about fashion and my friends liked it so much I think I might do a weekly fashion thing. I've been thinking about writing aobut politics. You could write fiction once a week, like an ongoing story...

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